‘The most likely outcome’ of the coronavirus outbreak in Florida

A coronavid outbreak in the state of Florida has claimed more than 100 lives and more than 1,000 people have been infected, the Florida Department of Health said. The coronavids are the most commonly spread type of disease in the US and spread through close contact with respiratory secretions. Florida has the third-highest number of deaths from […]

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When You Sign Your First Notary Public Statement: Your First Statement in Chicago

Chicago Notary Office, located at 2050 N. Milwaukee Ave., is the first notary public service in the United States to be accredited by the Illinois Department of Banking and Finance (ICFB).We are accredited through the U.S. Notary Commission, a U.K.-based accreditation organization that has served the public for more than 150 years.ICFB, in conjunction with […]

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How to get an Arizona notary to translate your ID

Delaware notaries have a unique job.The state has a strict set of laws and regulations for notaries, so a notary needs to be able to prove the person is not in possession of an actual and valid identification.The notary then has to verify the documents are genuine.It’s a process that can take months, if not […]

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When can I use Bitcoin notarial service?

Notarial service, which is not a bank, has been used for decades in the US to create a digital record of the person’s identity.In a way, notarial services are more akin to a personal bank account.For instance, a notary can send out a letter or send money from one bank account to another.The service also […]

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How to become a notary in Arizona

The Notary Public Act of Arizona has passed and becomes law July 1, 2017.As a notarial notary public, you must: Be at least 18 years old.Be a United States citizen.Be eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits.Notary publics can perform many duties, including: Receiving legal orders from a court of law, or a court’s order […]

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How to Obtain Notary Public Certificates for Public Documents

Notary public certificates are used in all legal actions in California.These certificates can be obtained by filing a petition in the county court of the jurisdiction where the petition is filed, and must be signed by the notary public.Notary certifications are used to prove that a person is a bona fide notary or notary of […]

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