How to avoid a $50,000 fine in the state of Florida

A notary public in Florida will be able to avoid $50 on the spot fine if she or he uses the “Notary App” app to send a letter to the wrong address, the state’s notary board has ruled.The state’s Notary App allows people to pay a fee for the service, with fines capped at $50.The […]

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How China’s Notary Office is Killing the Bureau of Notary and Estate Agents

China is cracking down on notaries and estate agents, but not doing so too aggressively.In the past year, the country has made some changes in the country’s laws that require notaries to report property crimes and make sure that estates do not abuse the legal system.But, it appears that notaries are also being targeted.Last month, […]

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How to get a notary to perform your business with your notary

You may be wondering how to get your notarial license or how to make an appointment with your doctor or lawyer.But before you get started, it’s important to be sure that you can properly represent yourself before a notarial office.Notary offices are a good place to start if you have any questions about how to […]

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