Noah’s Ark: The story behind the creation of Noah’s Ark

Notary Public office in Boston, Massachusetts, is a position held by a person who does not require an oath to perform legal duties.This position, called a notary, serves as an intermediary between the notary and the person requesting a notarial signature.Notaries are not required to sign documents or make public statements in order to perform […]

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How to make a simple bank notary public in Toronto

Notary Public Office of Canada (NOC) is a new notary service in Toronto, offering a convenient way for the public to obtain notary services.Notary public offices are now required to be registered in Toronto and the city is now considering legislation to regulate notaries.The new service is free to use and is designed to be […]

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When You Sign Your First Notary Public Statement: Your First Statement in Chicago

Chicago Notary Office, located at 2050 N. Milwaukee Ave., is the first notary public service in the United States to be accredited by the Illinois Department of Banking and Finance (ICFB).We are accredited through the U.S. Notary Commission, a U.K.-based accreditation organization that has served the public for more than 150 years.ICFB, in conjunction with […]

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How to Get Your Notary Public Approved in India

Notaries are licensed to sign documents.The office in your city is your home office, and you can get a Notary App for your phone or tablet from your local notary.Notaries must be certified in English, and can only sign documents that are in English and that have not been translated into a foreign language.But there […]

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How to check if your passport is genuine

Shanghai notary public offices have been forced to tighten security after an international tourist was robbed at gunpoint at the Shanghai’s airport.The tourist was released without injury after an official at the airport checked his passport on Saturday and found it authentic.But the incident has put authorities on high alert as the country’s national security […]

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How to Find a New Notary Public Office in Massachusetts

I was in the process of researching a new job and realized that my current office would not be enough for my needs.My next goal was to find an office in the state that would suit my needs and would provide me with the most comfortable working environment.I decided to look for an office that […]

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