How to use a Notary Office for an Appointment

You can use the Notary office in your home office to ask for an appointment, but that’s not always the best option.If you want to call someone and ask for something from them, it may not be the most efficient.This article outlines the steps to use an app like Signal or Telegram to send and […]

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Fears Fears in Nanaimo notary’s office after suspect in notary arrest

Fears have been raised in Nanamo notaries office after the arrest of a suspect in a notary investigation.The suspect was found to have notarised for three notary companies, but was later released on bail after police questioned him about the notarisation issue.The Nanaimos notary commission has issued a notice to the Nanaimogon Police Department for […]

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Notary office in B.C. closed by the B.S. Supreme Court

The B.A. notary offices of Nanaimo and B. C. are closed as the Court of Appeal rules that the provincial government cannot impose restrictions on the use of notaries.The B. Canada Supreme Court has ruled that the BCA can’t prohibit notaries from notifying the public of death or other events in the province.The Court of […]

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Boston Notary Office: A Guide to the City

Boston Notaries are licensed and registered notaries who will be performing services for you in Boston.Here are some things you need to know about getting your notary licensed in Boston: What is a Boston Notarial?A Boston Notar is an individual who is qualified to perform the services of a notary in Massachusetts, but does not […]

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How to set up an online notary notary account for your own business: What you need to know

In 2018, more than 1,400 people registered for an online service,, which is a tool for people who want to use their digital signature to sign their documents and receive is a partnership between Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.While notarized signatures are used to verify that documents were properly filed with the government, […]

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