When will your money be deposited?

In the United States, it can take up to two weeks after you deposit your money to receive your money.Here in Canada, if you’re a resident of Alberta, your money is usually deposited the same day.In the UK, it typically takes four to six weeks to be credited with funds.The Notary Office of the Government […]

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Hawaii notary opens first branch of notary offices

Hawaii has opened its first notary and has become the first state to offer its residents access to notaries via a mobile app.The Hawaii Department of Commerce, Business & Industry, the Hawaii Department for Business, Technology and Economic Development and the Hawaii State Board of Notaries launched the app on Monday, bringing notary services to […]

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How to Get Paid to Read the Law

It’s been a long, hard road for Bojangles, who first made the leap from law school to an academic job in 1991.He started out at a nonprofit law firm in Boston before taking on a position at the U.S. Department of Justice.In 1993, he joined the U, S. Department as the Office of Legal Counsel […]

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How to use the Notary Office’s Notarial Office Web Application

Bories, the chief of the Boise City Clerk’s Office, is the latest to use Notarial.Bory, who has been working in the notary office for just over four years, told Boise Now that his goal is to “use this technology to empower people.”Bory said he has already been able to provide legal assistance to clients in […]

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A $1,500 discount for notaries in Boise, Idaho

Notaries are one of the most expensive occupations in the country, and there are many jobs that don’t require a degree.That’s why we’re excited to offer $1 to $5 discount codes to get you a discount at a notary or an online notary when you register for an appointment.Get $5 off the registration fee at […]

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