How to register to vote in Canada

Notary office in Ottawa was not a safe haven for the many who left the country in 2016 to avoid the wrath of Donald Trump’s inauguration.“We had a lot of people who were really upset, and they were just not happy about it,” said one woman who left Canada to become a notary.But she added […]

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When the Roseville Notary Office gets more complicated

Notaries and public officials in the U.S. and abroad are increasingly using electronic notaries, including the Roseland Notary Agency, to verify and record the identities of people, including celebrities, politicians, celebrities, and even U.N. officials, in their digital presence.Notaries also use blockchain technology to facilitate the record-keeping of financial transactions.But now Roseville notaries are being […]

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What is the next big thing for blockchain?

Airdrie, ON – June 14, 2019 – Next Big Futures (NBF), a blockchain technology startup with a strong focus on digital identity, will release its first token in 2019.The token, called The Token, is based on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used to purchase digital goods and services in a virtual world.NBF’s token, which […]

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