How to get an abuJA card in London without paying cash

LONDON: There are no queues to get a London notary card, and no queues at the notary offices for a London passport.The London notarial card is not only easy to obtain, but also one of the most convenient travel documents available in London.Here’s how to get one without paying a penny.London, where I live, is […]

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A lawyer who refused to sign a court order that would have enabled a woman to access an abortion has lost her appeal to the European Court of Human Rights

A lawyer has lost his appeal to an European Court that ordered her to stop refusing to sign an order that required her to produce her birth certificate.It is a decision that has set the stage for a fight that is set to unfold in the European Union’s highest court, with a possible end to […]

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How to get a notary’s license in Cuba

A Cuban notary who says she’s been working in Miami for about a year, now says she can’t legally do business with anyone there.In an interview with the Miami Herald, the notary says she has to pay an additional fee to the government to register as a notarial agent, because of the Cuban embargo.She also […]

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When does it become a crime to notarize?

The concept of notarizing is central to the modern legal profession.It’s not an easy concept to grasp and it has many pitfalls.But, if you’re not sure how to properly notarise your documents, there are some simple tips.Here are five things to know about notarising your documents.

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