What to do if you have a dispute with a player

If you’ve got a dispute about a player, you might find it easier to reach a solution if you know their club and the club’s rules, the Premier League’s official website says.The Premier League has a new Notary Office on its website which you can use to check if you’ve been accused of cheating.The Notary […]

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What to expect when you apply for a notary appointment online, and where to look for the right advice

Notary office and online application for a local notary has gone online.Online notary applications can be found on the Oireachtas website www.irishstatute.ie.The notary will have a phone number, email address and a website to contact them for more information.Online applications are being accepted for a number of local notaries, including the notary in Kildare, the […]

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The best places to buy and sell marijuana in Washington state

The legal sale of recreational marijuana is underway in Washington State and across the nation.It’s a big change for the state, but one that could have a big impact on marijuana businesses.The state is the first in the nation to allow recreational marijuana sales and cultivation, and the first to allow marijuana to be taxed […]

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