‘The Biggest Bust’: ‘It’s About Time’: US Navy SEALs raid Yemen’s ‘Biggest Bust’

US Navy SEALS stormed an airbase in Yemen on Saturday, and killed more than 30 Yemeni military officers, including one of the countrys most prominent figures.The raid, which took place in the southern province of Taiz, comes after a month-long US-backed offensive against the Houthi-led government in the capital Sanaa, which has led to the […]

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A look at the notary’s work in the military

The notary, or notary examiner, is a civilian agency that oversees the legal profession in the United States.Its name is derived from a German word for notary public.A notary is a person who can sign documents for the legal system.This type of notary serves a public that needs a legal document to make a legal […]

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