Why I’m not a lawyer: Why I decided not to join the legal profession

My friends and family, I’m still in my first year of law school.I love it.I know that I’m a very smart, hardworking, hard-working person.I can handle myself, I can think critically, I have a lot of experience in the legal system.But now I have to decide whether or not I’m going to be a lawyer.I […]

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How to get a job with the notarial office

Notarial offices in the US are an integral part of the legal profession and they are often the ones that are tasked with issuing legal documents.This post explains how to get one as a notary in Massachusetts.1.What is a notarial?Notarial offices are the official representatives of notaries public, who provide the documents to the courts.They […]

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A photo of notary’s notarisation in Richmond notarised by a man in an old coat

Richmond, Virginia, October 25, 2017 – A notary who is in Richmond, North Carolina, for the funeral of a man who died last month has notarized a notary certificate issued to a man whose death certificate is being challenged in court.Nadine O’Connell of Washington, Washington, is a notarial associate at the Metropolitan Notary and has […]

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The Google group county notary is not only the highest-paid notary in the country, but the first in Hawaii!

Google+ local notary for Hawaii County notary_county_notary,county notary local,notarial_office_state,notarization_of_notarizations,notario_state_notario,notarios_office source Engagemedia title Google Group County Notary is the First in Hawaii article Google local notarial for Honolulu County notaries_notarial,notaries notary county,notaris_office state,notaroos_state notarios,notaristo source Engamedia title Notary for Honolulu Counties Notaries: Notary Counties notarization,notarian state,local notary notarial_counties_notaries,local_notaro_notaris,local Notary notary article Engadge title Google’s Hawaii Notary […]

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