When US Postal Service pays for a $7.5 billion loan

The USPS will have to borrow a record $7,500 million from the government to repay the $1.1 trillion debt, the government announced Wednesday.The agency will have a $50 billion cash reserve, the lowest level in the last 60 years, which will help pay for the loans.The agency’s credit rating was downgraded by Moody’s Investors Service […]

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How does the UK’s ‘notary public’ work?

The UK government is expected to announce plans on Wednesday to open up the public notary system to the internet, in a move that has the potential to open new avenues of transparency and accountability for politicians.The UK government said on Monday that it will open up notary services to the public, with the aim […]

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How to Obtain Notary Public Certificates for Public Documents

Notary public certificates are used in all legal actions in California.These certificates can be obtained by filing a petition in the county court of the jurisdiction where the petition is filed, and must be signed by the notary public.Notary certifications are used to prove that a person is a bona fide notary or notary of […]

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