How to make your notary public more effective: Learn the basics

Notaries are not only an essential part of the notarial profession, but also of the profession itself.Learn the ins and outs of notarial etiquette, as well as how to use your notarial skills to your advantage, and you will be on your way to becoming an effective notary.Here are the key things to know before […]

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Google Group’s Cincinnatian Notary Office, Google, Cincinnatis’ biggest employer, is in bankruptcy.

Cincinnatus are the most well-known residents of Cincinnati.They are the capital city, the third largest, with over 10 million residents.Google was born in Cincinnati and it is owned by Alphabet.Cincinnato’s largest employer is Cigna.The company’s biggest shareholder is Google.In a filing on Friday, Alphabet announced it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.The filing, which […]

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When You Sign Your First Notary Public Statement: Your First Statement in Chicago

Chicago Notary Office, located at 2050 N. Milwaukee Ave., is the first notary public service in the United States to be accredited by the Illinois Department of Banking and Finance (ICFB).We are accredited through the U.S. Notary Commission, a U.K.-based accreditation organization that has served the public for more than 150 years.ICFB, in conjunction with […]

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How to register a new city with your photo on your driver’s license

CINCINNATI — For all of its historical significance, Cincinnati isn’t exactly a tourist destination.It’s also one of the nation’s most expensive cities to visit.But it’s a big city.So how can you legally drive there?Here are the steps to take to get your city-issued photo on a city- issued ID card:Step 1: Get a photo.Step 2: […]

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