How to avoid a fraud arrest in the U.S.A.: How to stay safe while in the country

The United States has a $2.8 trillion backlog of overdue taxes and fees, and millions of Americans who are eligible for tax breaks or other government benefits don’t pay them.The IRS is not only the main federal agency collecting those unpaid taxes and penalties, but it also provides benefits to the private sector that benefit […]

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What happens when you have a notary who is not your lawyer

The notary’s job is to ensure that all documents issued by the court are legal.So if the court asks you to sign a document that you know is not legal, you will not be able to answer.You’ll have to go to the lawyer to get it changed or get a lawyer who can change it.There’s […]

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When will the notary be able to issue bonds and when will they be able do that?

By Kim Yu-yeon / Staff reporterBoston GlobeThe first time the Boston notary public issue a bond was in 2014, when it issued a $200 million bond for the rebuilding of the city’s historic Hancock Street station.Now, the notaries are issuing bonds for $3.2 billion to fund the reconstruction of Boston’s subway system, and for a […]

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How to get a Boston Notary Public office 11211

OBIN HONORIS/FAIRFAX MEDIA ASSOCIATES / APFILE Boston’s notary public office, which is responsible for registering voters and issuing bond requests, opened in early April.But it’s been under the control of an interim director for more than a year, according to the state’s election commission.(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) OBIN BERNARD/AP file Obin Bernard/AP FILE Obin Bertrand/APFILE Obin […]

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Boston Notary Office: A Guide to the City

Boston Notaries are licensed and registered notaries who will be performing services for you in Boston.Here are some things you need to know about getting your notary licensed in Boston: What is a Boston Notarial?A Boston Notar is an individual who is qualified to perform the services of a notary in Massachusetts, but does not […]

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How To Be a Notary in Iran: A guide to getting certified as a notary in the Islamic Republic

Iran has long been considered a closed society.But after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, it became the country’s most populous and most popular state.But even as the Islamic Revolution of 1979 came to an end, the country continued to see many other major events taking place: the 1979 Iranian Revolution, […]

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