How to get a bank notary notary to your home

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How to make a simple bank notary public in Toronto

Notary Public Office of Canada (NOC) is a new notary service in Toronto, offering a convenient way for the public to obtain notary services.Notary public offices are now required to be registered in Toronto and the city is now considering legislation to regulate notaries.The new service is free to use and is designed to be […]

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Hawaii police officer dies after falling victim to falling tree

Hawaii Police Officer Keith Kukulcik, 51, was a Honolulu Police Department notary notary who had a history of notifying victims of alleged sexual assaults and other crimes, according to a police department press release.According to the release, Kukulli was shot and killed Thursday, May 30, in the 3300 block of E. Broadway.Police say Kukuli was […]

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