Hawaii police officer dies after falling victim to falling tree

Hawaii Police Officer Keith Kukulcik, 51, was a Honolulu Police Department notary notary who had a history of notifying victims of alleged sexual assaults and other crimes, according to a police department press release.According to the release, Kukulli was shot and killed Thursday, May 30, in the 3300 block of E. Broadway.Police say Kukuli was […]

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Watch Out for the Notary Office, Here Are Your Legal Options

If you want to get your lawyer off your back, you have options.If you’re not a legal professional, you may not be able to get a lawyer who specializes in your case.You may have to hire a private attorney or go to court.If you’re in a legal dispute, it’s important to be clear about your […]

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How to find your next office notary – BBC Sport

It’s the job that almost everyone in a modern office wants, but not everyone can get it.It can be hard to find the right office notarised by an official, and the profession is increasingly being criticised for the lack of transparency around the process.Office notaries are not technically an office professional, but they are also […]

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