Which of these five office notaries are there in London?

Notaries are responsible for the paperwork of people who come into contact with the government, usually for a fee.The notary acts as a public advocate for the government’s interests, and is responsible for ensuring that any document that is brought into government is authentic and accurate.The official who represents the government is a notary, but […]

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Why the Honolulu notary is taking on the Honolulu Police Department, the city says

HONOLULU — The Honolulu notarial office, which is in charge of verifying financial documents, has received a $5.3 million request from the city to help with an ongoing funding crisis.The Honolulu Police Officers’ Association said it will fund the Honolulu office with its own money starting in 2019.“We want to help the Honolulu Notary Office […]

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How to pay for a ‘fake’ house in the U.K.

A real house is a luxury, with a lot of real money.A fake house, though, is a lot more complicated, requiring a lot less money.How to get one is the key to a better life.Here are 10 steps to getting a fake house.1.Find a home that you want2.Choose the right type of house3.Check on the […]

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