US Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington this week to discuss the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The US is seeking to bolster the Israeli-led Quartet, which includes the US, Britain, France, Russia, Germany, China and the European Union, to broker a new peace deal, according to US officials.

Kerry will hold a bilateral meeting with Netanyahu in the US capital at the end of the week.

Kerry, who met with Netanyahu earlier this week, is expected at the White House later on Friday to discuss US-Israel cooperation in the wake of the Palestinian Authority’s announcement to leave the United Nations Security Council.

The Palestinians have asked the UNSC to postpone a decision on the status of Jerusalem, the city that Israel captured in 1967.

The UNSC has said it will discuss the issue on Tuesday.

Netanyahu has repeatedly called on the international community to pressure the Palestinians to accept the outcome of a peace deal.

The Palestinians rejected the offer, saying it was based on “fabrication, deceit and half-truths”.

The Palestinians are also expected to ask the UN to reject a resolution that recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The Palestinian delegation to the UN Security Council on Monday presented the Palestinian position to the 15-member body, which voted in favor of the resolution, which would have imposed restrictions on settlement building.

It was not immediately clear whether the US had decided to send a US envoy to the Palestinians.

Kerry will also discuss the situation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, US Deputy National Security Adviser Daniel Russel said on Sunday.

He said the two leaders would “discuss a variety of issues, including the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the future of the Israeli occupation”.

In recent weeks, Kerry has met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas said he welcomed the US decision to send Kerry to the region, which is a key issue in the Israeli and Palestinian peace process and is a critical component of the US strategy to counter Iran’s influence in the region.

Abbas, a close ally of the Trump administration, is also expected in Washington later this week for a meeting with Israeli leaders.

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas have both said they will seek to meet Kerry.

Abbott also met with Kerry in the Philippines in November.