Australian visa holders are being advised to contact the Notary Office of Koramangalah notary to apply for a visa for the upcoming tour.

Australian citizens will be able to visit the city of Koromangala, home of the famed Kori and the birthplace of President Donald Trump, starting on Friday.

Australian immigration Minister Peter Dutton announced the plan to grant the visa to Australians on Monday, saying Australia “has a long history of supporting people of diverse cultures and beliefs”.

He added that Australians were “expected to do our part in supporting our multicultural country”.

Australian citizens with valid Australian passports will be allowed to visit Koromagalah, which is the capital of the state of Nagaland, in person.

Australian passports can be obtained at the Koromanga visa office or at the Embassy of Australia in Nagalands consulate in New Delhi.

The visa allows for up to two people per visit, but is only valid for a limited period.

“For those who do not have a valid passport or have not received a visa, the visa may be issued for up as long as two months,” a Notary officer told ABC Radio.

The Embassy of India in Nagaswara said Australians with valid passports are allowed to stay in the city for a maximum of four days.

It said visa applications would be processed through the Australian Embassy in Nagaraswaraju, which handles the entry clearance process.

“We will not grant a visa on the basis of nationalities, citizenship, or immigration status,” the embassy said in a statement.

“It is the Australian Government’s policy to assist in the application process for visas and to ensure a smooth and safe visa processing process.”

The visa has not been used in years, according to the embassy, and the Australian government has not made any changes to the process.

However, the embassy added that it would continue to work with other countries to ensure Australia’s visa process is streamlined.

“Australian citizens visiting Australia should note that the Australian authorities will not issue a visa based on nationalities or citizenship, and that visas will not be granted to Australians based on any other factor other than an application,” the statement said.