A senior officer in the police force said that there were about 1.5 lakh fake IDs in circulation and they were being issued to people in the name of the government.

 “There are around 100,000 such IDs which have been issued to individuals for the last two years.

They are issued in the names of the Government of India and the Union of India, with the government issuing the documents as an act of goodwill.

The process of registering these documents is easy.

They need not even look at a government website or look up the person’s birth date.

They simply need to enter the person in the online system of the state government,” the officer said.

In the state, people can obtain a fake identification under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), 2017, by entering their Aadhaar number or biometric details and then filling in the form on the official portal.

The person can then take out the ID card and submit the details.

Police are also cracking down on the fake ID racket. 

“We have started collecting data on those who are making false applications and those who were issued the fake IDs,” said K J Bhatt, Commissioner of Police.

“The people we have caught in the past have either registered for Aadhaar or were issued fake ID cards by the state.

But we have stopped them,” he added.