Posted May 02, 2019 09:16:03 When you want to know if a company has sent you a financial statement, or if your money has been properly credited, you could use the notary’s office to ask.

If the notaries office is open, it’s up to the person who signed the paperwork whether to forward the statement to the company or not.

This can be tricky because, for example, a bank might not want to get sued if the notarial office fails to get a copy of the check.

Notary offices are open Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but some banks may not be able to accept bank statements on Fridays, according to CBC News.

Notaries offices in Quebec and Manitoba are open, as well.

Notarial offices in other provinces will be open until July.

Some provinces have their own notaries offices, and some do not.

Some are not even open on Saturdays.

There’s also no guarantee that notaries in a given province will be able handle the paperwork for you.

“If you have any problems, you may have to go to a bank branch,” said the Notary Public Service Association’s director of communications, Janice St. Pierre.

She said some notaries are not able to work weekends, so it can be hard to find a notarial to assist you.

The notary is also not obligated to sign the paper for the person you’re trying to check, said St. Paul.

It’s up with the person to decide if they want to have a notarized document.

“We’ll send you a letter,” she said.

You may also have to pay someone to sign for the document.

This person could be an accountant, a lawyer or a lawyer’s assistant.

“It’s up for the discretion of the notar,” said St Paul.

Notarizing a document for someone can be a complicated process.

You can’t just call the bank and say, ‘I want a copy,’ or ask a lawyer to sign it.

You’ll have to write a letter to the notario, which usually takes several days.

A bank may not sign it for you, because they may have concerns about the notarian’s integrity, said Robert Ritchie, a University of Guelph academic and notary who specializes in the notasys.

Some banks may be reluctant to sign a notario because it would make them look bad.

But you could still try, said Ritchie.

“You could try to use the bank’s website, ask a member of the public to take a picture of it, or maybe you can try to get the notaro on the internet, which would give you the ability to actually send the letter,” he said.

“But it’s not always going to be that easy.”

If you’re not happy with the way the notaria handled the paperwork, you can file a complaint with the provincial government, the notARY public service association said.

It says the government has jurisdiction to investigate complaints about notaries.

If you want a letter, you’ll need to call the notarium.

“The government has some discretion over how to handle the process of a notarium,” said R.R. St. Louis, president of the Notaries’ Association of Canada.

“They are responsible for ensuring that notary services are accessible to the public.”

The notaries association says it will continue to look into notarizing documents for all provinces, and says it’ll work with the federal government on how best to deal with complaints.

The Notary Service of Canada is a non-profit, non-partisan service that represents notaries across the country.