If you’ve got a dispute about a player, you might find it easier to reach a solution if you know their club and the club’s rules, the Premier League’s official website says.

The Premier League has a new Notary Office on its website which you can use to check if you’ve been accused of cheating.

The Notary Officer is in charge of ensuring that all of the players’ clubs are following the rules.

They will then be given the opportunity to make a formal complaint to the FA.

“We want to ensure that all clubs comply with the regulations.

The FA will make a determination based on the information that we provide,” said a statement from the Premier Leagues.”

If a player’s club does not provide the required information to the Notary, we will be unable to help.”

Here’s a look at some of the things you need to know if you’re in the middle of a dispute:When should I go to the Premier Football League?

The Premier Leances’ Notary Offices can only be used if you are not at a club that is in the competition.

They are only open to the media, but if you want to check whether a player is at a certain club, you can find the information online or via a phone app.

The FA’s Notary Officers have a number of functions to help you.

Here’s how they work.

The club must give the FA the details of their Notary office to check their compliance.

If it doesn’t, they will send a formal letter.

If the FA does not send the information, the club will be asked to provide it.

If the FA fails to do this, it will be referred to the Football Association, which is the governing body for football in the UK.

You can find out if you might be in the Premier Premier League by visiting the PremierLeague.com website.

You must first be told your club has been charged for using a Notary agent, and then you’ll need to register for the Notarised Account (OAC) at the club.

This is where you can prove you’ve followed the rules of the Premier league.

You will also need to provide the FA with a copy of your Notary certificate.

The OAC has a different system for the players.

The OAC uses a phone application that is accessible by using a mobile phone, or the Premier Live app.

It is not possible to use the OAC for players in the Europa League or the Ligue 1.

However, players can register for OACs at any time by visiting PremierLeagueLIVE.com or by calling the Premier Lagues notary on 0800 532 922.