A notary’s office in the capital of the Vietnamese province of Vientian will soon be open to the public.

The new notary will be located in the Vienti’s National Bank building and will allow citizens to pay the local notary for legal services.

The notary is the legal representative of the person or persons holding the notarial office.

Currently, citizens pay for legal advice through a fee paid by the notaries office.

The notary offices fees are covered by the Ministry of Public Administration and the National Bank.

The office will now also be open for the public to pay for their legal advice.

The first notary in Vienia was opened in 2001 by then President Thieu Binh Dinh.

In 2003, then Vice President Binh Duong Namh introduced a new notarial fee system for notaries.

Currently the notarics office charges a fee of R20 per hour to all residents of Vieni province.

The Ministry of Finance estimated the notaris fees at R50 per hour.

The new office, the first in Vietnam to open to citizens, is expected to become operational in mid-March and the notars will be available to pay their legal bills on an hourly basis.

The offices opening date has not been announced.

The Vientiano Government has recently announced that it is considering the use of electronic notaries for notarial services.

A draft law for the establishment of electronic services was published on November 14, 2017.

The draft law has been submitted for final approval by the Minister of Finance and the Ministry has set a deadline of December 15, 2018 to finalise the draft.

The national bank has already implemented a digital notarial system.