Notaries Office Honolulu has opened a Notary Office Boston office in Markham, Massachusetts, and a Notaries office in Encinitas, California, which will serve the Boston area.

The Notary Offices of the Americas, the Americas Association of Notary Publics and the Americas and Oceania Association of notary offices were formed in 2006.

The Notaries Offices are a joint venture between the Association of American Notaries, the Notary Institute of America and the American Association of Public Administrators.

Each office maintains its own business practices, including a notarial license that must be obtained from the American Society of Notaries.

Notaries Office Boston has offices in Cambridge, Cambridge, Somerville, Somerdale, Lowell and Worcester.

The Boston office opened Jan. 5.

Notaries offices in New York City, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and San Francisco are scheduled to open this fall.

Notary offices in San Diego, California and Los Angeles will open in early 2019.

Notary Office Encinitás opened Dec. 29.

It offers a notary service to Spanish-speaking citizens and residents of the Spanish-language community of the city of Encinitá.

Notarial services are offered through an online application process.

Notaroña de Encinités (notarica de Encinta) has a website that is open for Spanish-speakers to register.

The notary’s office is located at 1101 Broadway in Encinatas.