A notary public in Florida will be able to avoid $50 on the spot fine if she or he uses the “Notary App” app to send a letter to the wrong address, the state’s notary board has ruled.

The state’s Notary App allows people to pay a fee for the service, with fines capped at $50.

The app has become a hot-button issue in recent months after complaints about people not paying for the app, and a few counties have already been forced to stop the service.

Notary board chair Lisa Kowalski said the board’s decision is a significant victory for notaries in the Sunshine State.

“The public needs to be able, as a public service, to know the right place to send letters, to receive the right letter, and to be notified of the right person, so that they can actually go to the appropriate person and make sure they’re sending the correct letter,” she said.

Notaries in Florida can still use the app to file an online fee of $25 for the same service.

“Our public service is a fundamental right, and the state needs to protect that right,” she added.

The Notary Board of Florida, a bipartisan group of state and federal officials that includes the heads of state’s agencies, said last month it would not recommend suspending or suspending the service until it received “positive” feedback.

“We are working closely with state agencies to ensure they are taking all necessary steps to make the Notary app available in a safe and effective manner,” the board said in a statement.

The service was launched in October 2016 and was available to more than 2.7 million people.

It allows people with the app’s “Notarist” option to create a “Notario”, which they send to the correct person.

“Notaries have always been able to send mail by mail,” Notary Commissioner Mark Womack said.

“But for this to happen it has to be more accessible, so the Notarist app becomes the one place for people to send their mail.”

Notaries can also sign up for an account and pay for a fee.

“You don’t need a bank account,” Ms Womak said.

In addition to the $25 fee, the app costs $25 a month for a “notary fee”.

It has been available in Florida since last year.

The App is not available in some other states, including Alabama and Arkansas, where the fees are set at $25.

However, notaries are free to sign up elsewhere.

The notary app has faced complaints about its ease of use and privacy concerns.

In November, a Florida notary, John McNeil, was fined $25 by the Florida Board of Notaries for failing to register his address with the state.

“I’ve been told I’m breaking the law,” he told local news station WESH.

“It’s just not fair that someone else has to pay the same fee.”

In 2016, a New Jersey man was fined for using the app while working as a notary.

A woman using the service in Florida said she had been fined $75 in September for using it without permission.

In August, the Federal Trade Commission fined a Florida man for notifying the wrong person about a $150 bill.

A Florida man using the Notaro app in 2016 was fined more than $1,000 for using his own notarist account to send fake mail to people.