Arlington, Virginia — When you’re out and about and you need to go to a notarial office, you probably want to use a private one that can provide you with a copy of the notary’s signature and an attorney’s note, a person familiar with the matter told CBC News.

In Arlington, the city has three notary districts and a notarization office that’s open Monday through Friday.

Arlington is one of the more than 70 cities in the U.S. with a notaries’ office.

Some residents in the city are concerned that the city is under-reporting its notary fees, according to a report by the Arlington City Commission in 2016.

A public hearing is scheduled for May 23 to address concerns about the notaries in Arlington.

The city is the third-largest city in Virginia and its notaries are the only notary public in the country.

They work primarily in Arlington and some parts of Fairfax County.

The Arlington City Council voted to have the council reconsider the notarizing process for the city notaries.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to have people who can work out a lot of problems, get it right, and be able to communicate with the public and with the people in their neighborhood,” said Councilman Bill Tilden, who chairs the council’s subcommittee on economic development.

Tildon said the city’s notaries can get in touch with residents in other parts of the city if needed and they’re also welcome to provide services.

Arlington notaries work seven days a week and get paid hourly.

Some of the fees they receive include $1,000 for signing notarial documents, $100 for the use of their notary seal and $100 per day for their fees.

Told about Arlington’s notarizations, a spokeswoman for Arlington city hall said they were unaware of any problems with the city or the notarial districts.

Arlington Mayor Paul S. Johnson told the council in a memo that notaries, as well as other notaries who are employed by the city, can take a pay cut if they don’t like the process and they can make their own decision.

“In the event of any dispute, the mayor would consider all options to resolve the issue,” Johnson wrote.

He added that the council could “consider and take steps to amend the notARY Code to improve the notorial process.”

Arlington has had its notarists for more than a century.

Before that, the City Council appointed notaries and the notaroctors were paid on a per-page basis.

After the city created its own notary district, a committee approved a formula to calculate the fees paid to the district’s notary.

The formula was changed in 1992.

The council has since adopted a notario fee formula and the fees collected by the notaires have grown to include fees paid for the notaris seal.

The notaries district is comprised of four notaries appointed by the City Attorney’s Office and the district is not responsible for the actions of its notarial officers.

“We don’t have any authority to charge for notarisms or the use or misuse of notarism, nor are we responsible for anything that happens at a notaro.

They are the agents of the City of Arlington,” the council wrote in a letter to the city clerk in 2018.

The fee formula for the district has not been in place since that time, according a person who answered the telephone at the Arlington notary building on Friday.

The person also said the council did not receive a response from the Arlington city attorney’s office on whether the notars fee formula has been amended.

A person familiar said the fee formula is not binding on the city but that the notarios could be fined or otherwise disciplined.

The City Council on Wednesday voted to recommend that the Arlington council make a change to the fee model that would allow the council to fine notaries up to $2,000 per day.