Business Insider UK has a new list of offices for the office and home office, and it’s got an interesting twist: The “Office of the President” is the one you’d want to be at when you want to work from home.

“The President is our home office and office of the Executive Council,” said the Office of the First Lady in its new 2016-2020 portfolio.

“It is our preferred office location.”

That’s because of its close proximity to the White House.

The President is a member of the executive branch and he/she sits on the same three-person Board of Advisors as the Cabinet, and he or she is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the United States Trade Representative.

“This is a very special location to the First Family and their family, and to the Presidency,” said Sarah Harrison, director of communications at the

“Their presence and influence on the world stage can only be enhanced through the President’s proximity to their office.”

It’s a unique location, as the President can’t visit the White house or its grounds, but the President and his family can still have a regular conversation with the president and the First Daughter.

And the location is also perfect for getting to know the President, since it’s right in the heart of Washington, D.C., just one block from the WhiteHouse.

“One of the great things about the White HOUSE is that it’s an easy, quick and convenient place to get things done,” said Harrison.

“You can walk right up to the President.”