Notaries are people who verify documents before they are delivered to people in a public place, like a restaurant or hotel, to help people get their documents stamped.

The new job description is meant to fill an increasingly need for notaries.

The Federal Register has changed its rules for how the profession can get a new certificate to verify an identity, meaning some people might get a certificate while others might not.

The old rules also required a degree or certificate from a legal school before obtaining a certificate.

Notaries can be hired online through a federal agency, but many people are not able to get that certification online.

A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order against the rule change and said the agency was violating the U.S. Constitution. 

The rule change allows the agency to hire anyone, including those who have not been credentialed, to verify a signature on a document, which would be a federal felony.

The agency said the change will help to keep public places safe.

It said it will review the new position and determine how to best support the agency’s existing notary service.

The new notaries are also working with the Federal Trade Commission to establish standards for notary services, the agency said.

The agency’s inspector general is also looking into whether the rule could affect notaries’ ability to provide free services to the public.