Airdrie, ON – June 14, 2019 – Next Big Futures (NBF), a blockchain technology startup with a strong focus on digital identity, will release its first token in 2019.

The token, called The Token, is based on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used to purchase digital goods and services in a virtual world.

NBF’s token, which will be launched in 2019, will be valued at $50,000 and will be backed by a $250,000 investment.

The startup, founded in 2016, has also invested in a digital marketplace, a mobile payment platform, and a virtual reality virtual reality headset.

The company has received funding from VC firms including Canadian Capital Group, Canadian Investment Management Corporation, First Round Capital, and the National Bank of Canada.

The Token will be released via a crowdsale on the NBF website on June 30.

In an interview with Next Big Frontier, co-founder and CEO, Robyn O’Keefe, said the company is working to increase the amount of users it can accept to meet the demand for its token.

“We’re constantly looking at how to add more users to our platform, so we’re building out more features for users and helping them get access to more products and services,” she said.

“There’s been a lot of talk about adding new features to our product over the last couple of years.

We’re trying to add new features in the token that allow for a more personalized experience, like being able to buy a beer on your phone and ordering that on the platform.”

NBF has been building out its platform for over two years, and has seen exponential growth in the last few years.

In January 2018, NBF received $1.5 million in funding from Canadian investment firm First Round, and in April 2018 it raised $2.8 million from Second Round Capital.

It has since been backed by more than $1 billion in capital from both public and private sources.

The platform has also been heavily used by Canadian banks, who have recently invested in the platform in an effort to make it more convenient for consumers to purchase products and digital services.

The tokens will be issued through an auction, in which buyers are able to purchase a limited amount of tokens based on their participation in the crowdsale.

O’Keefe said the tokens will have the capacity to support both users and merchants, who will be able to offer services for their customers.

The sale of the token will be open to all interested parties, including merchants, developers, and developers who will work together to make the platform better.

Nbf has raised approximately $20 million to date from investors, including investors from the BMO Capital Group and TD Bank.

The ICO has been described as the first public launch of a new cryptocurrency.

The NBF Token is set to launch in 2019 and will allow consumers to make digital purchases using their smartphones.

According to O’Reilly, the token is the first token issued by the company.

OBEZ has seen the token market explode in the past few years, with a total valuation of $60 million, which O’Connor said was significantly higher than its previous funding round.

The future of the blockchain has been brightened with the advent of the Ethereum platform, which has made blockchain technologies accessible to a broader audience.

OBAZ also has a strong history in digital currency, having previously released a token called The Coin, which allowed people to buy and sell digital currencies in a more secure and privacy-focused manner.

“Our mission is to bring a blockchain-based system to the world, which makes it easier for consumers and businesses to transact without relying on a centralized entity,” OBEY said in a statement.

“It’s a system that allows consumers to transact instantly, with low transaction fees and low transaction costs, and it has been incredibly successful in helping us connect people in a world of money.”

OBEZA is a leader in the development of the smart contracts technology behind cryptocurrencies, as well as the development and deployment of blockchain applications.

The founder of OBEZE, Chris O’Brien, said in an interview that the team is confident in the technology behind blockchain and that they are excited to see its use by other industries.

“The ability to create secure, private and anonymous payments, and to transact with other parties in a trusted manner, is something we are extremely excited about,” O’BRIEN said.

The team at OBEYS is also looking forward to building out the platform for retail.

“As an enterprise software company, we are looking at the ability to offer consumers more transactional access to blockchain and the technology underlying it,” OBAY said.

OBIZ also is planning to use the blockchain to make its payment system, OBIQ, even more secure.

The payment platform will be based on a smart contract platform that will be available to all retailers.

The system will allow retailers to pay their suppliers with cryptocurrencies and provide them with a way to verify their authenticity. Obe