In a memo obtained by MSNBC, a state notary general told his bosses at the Texas Department of State notaries that the upcoming state election will be a “must-win for all of us”.

“You have a great job, you have great benefits, you are the only notary in the entire state, you will be on the ballot,” wrote Brian Jones, assistant secretary of notary.

“This is going to be a must-win election for all who love the office, and you can’t do anything but help us out.”

Jones did not provide a reason for the request.

But the memo said that in order to “provide our voters with a secure and credible notary service, we have decided to use a notary notary for the election in order for us to maintain a high degree of security.”

It said the state notaries office would use notary services for the state election on October 12.

But it added that it would also use notaries in the upcoming presidential and congressional elections.

The notary, who has not yet declared an official position, is considered a loyalist to the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and he has expressed support for the Republican candidate during the campaign.

Trump has made the notarization process a focus of his campaign.

His campaign said in March that he would not use the state-issued notary at the polls.