Shanghai notary public offices have been forced to tighten security after an international tourist was robbed at gunpoint at the Shanghai’s airport.

The tourist was released without injury after an official at the airport checked his passport on Saturday and found it authentic.

But the incident has put authorities on high alert as the country’s national security agencies continue to investigate the robbery.

The Chinese government says passport-holding foreigners are not allowed to travel abroad.

The US, France and Germany have all suspended passport-issuing rights for Chinese tourists.

The Shanghai Notary Public Office said on Saturday that the incident was a “tragedy”, adding that it would investigate the “very serious incident”.

“We are very sorry that such an incident happened,” it said.

It added that it was “extremely serious” and “extremely difficult to prevent”.

The Shanghai notaries have said they are taking the matter very seriously and will investigate the case.

Chinese authorities say they are tightening security after two tourists were robbed at Shanghai airport, causing panic Read more: CCTV news agency reported the attack took place at 10:50am local time (04:50 GMT) on Saturday.

Two tourists, who were wearing fake passports and carrying fake ID cards, were approached by a man who forced them to strip off and take off their shoes.

They were then approached by the robber who demanded their passports, which they handed over.

A security guard intervened to stop the robbery, and the tourist was able to return to their hotel.

The authorities have not said what prompted the robbers to carry out the robbery but CCTV said it was not clear what led to the incident.

“This incident is extremely serious and very difficult to control,” the official said.

“We have asked the Shanghai Notaries Office to tighten the security of our offices and to make sure we can investigate this incident in an organized and timely manner.”

The official did not provide further details on what prompted authorities to tighten their security measures.

China has seen a number of high-profile security breaches this year, including one in May when a hotel maid was killed after the gunman who was guarding her had been fatally shot.

It has also been hit by a series of attacks that have included carjackings, explosions and robberies.

On Wednesday, a taxi driver was shot dead outside the airport after being pursued by a group of armed robbers.