A notary is being investigated by the authorities in India for allegedly posting a message on social media suggesting that he could become a police officer if he doesn’t stop “trolling” his “sneaking attack” on the country’s new regulations.

The message, which has been shared thousands of times, is believed to have been posted on Twitter in November 2016, and is believed by some to have originated from a notary’s own account.

It reads: “Troll, if you have the guts, come to India.

It’s a lot easier.

You can do this.

I’ll help you.”

The post, which was later removed, was accompanied by a photo of a smiling notary, with the caption “I can be a notar in a hurry, if I have to.

If you want to go this route, I’ll tell you how.

Go and join the police.”

It was only later that a notarial’s own official account posted a screenshot of the tweet, which it then removed.

“There are now over 6,000 posts on my official account, the majority of which have been deleted, but I will not say this is not true.

I have been targeted,” he wrote on the social media platform.

“I am not an ‘outcast’ by any means, but by now I have grown up in a country where my entire life revolves around social media.

My job has changed completely, my life is filled with constant worry and worry.

A few days ago, my office was visited by notary inspectors. “

The tweet has now been shared more than 3,000 times.

A few days ago, my office was visited by notary inspectors.

It was then they informed me that I had posted the tweet.

I was not happy and felt very frustrated, but now I am happy that I have found a new job.”

I have been asked many times in the past to stop posting ‘trolls’ and have stopped posting pictures of me, but no one has said ‘no’.

I can’t take it anymore and have contacted my notary to tell him that he will be punished,” he added.

In an emailed statement to The Indian Express, the Notary Institute of India, which is responsible for notary services, said the post “troll was an isolated incident which was not related to the institute or its employees.

It is a matter of concern that a senior notary was not only not authorised to carry out the post, but that he also made it public.

“This type of trolling, if it continues, is likely to create a serious problem for the notary community in the country.

It will make it difficult for notaries to do their jobs, including in their professional capacity.

We will take action if the posts are found to be untrue or not in keeping with the requirements set out by the regulations.”

Notary inspectors have said they will be “monitoring” notaries on their accounts as part of the probe.