The Apple app for Notary Usps allows notaries to sign and seal documents electronically.

The app allows the notary to create a digital signature, which can then be verified with the Notary Office, a notary service that does not require a notarial license.

The app is not available in the U.S. but the app is being promoted as an alternative for notaries in Berlin.

Berlin Notary office is part of the German government.

The Berlin Notaries Association (BNO) said in a statement that it welcomes the new app.

The BNO has asked the Berlin Notarists Association to use the app and the notaries app.

It said the Berlin notaries association is in a position to take decisions on this issue.

According to the BNO, the Berlin service is currently used by notaries from the country of the BGNK and the German Bundesbank.

The BNO said the service has also been used by some members of the European Parliament.