A wild boar in Bhutan’s Bali province is reportedly so large and so beautiful that it has been dubbed a “fake bhuti.”

According to the local media outlet Bhutan News, the creature, which is believed to be a female, is so big it is able to stretch its entire body like a balloon.

It’s known for its large head and large body that has a round neck, as well as its long ears, long tail, and big ears.

The bhuta also has large horns on its head, and its body has a sharp curve that gives it the appearance of a headless goat.

The local media reported that the creature is believed in the village of Kha Gha, near the town of Bali.

A local animal rescue organization, the Kha Tse Pherang, has identified the creature as the “fake huti,” and has sent the specimen to the animal sanctuary at the World Wildlife Fund in Lhasa.

The organization said it was lucky to have been able to rescue the bhuttas from the local wildlife park, and that it would send the animal to the sanctuary for a full examination.

The Bali Wild Boar Conservation Society (BWCS) said it would be able to keep the specimen.

It is also believed that the bhumis are known for their natural beauty and their ability to survive in cold climates, so it would make sense for them to be able do so in the Bali region.

Bali is one of the world’s most remote places, with a temperature of -35 degrees Celsius.

According to local wildlife expert Bala Rakhigar, the bhusi is known for it’s ability to adapt to climate.

He said, “The bhumi is considered to be the most beautiful wild boars in the world.”

The bhuis are not the only wild boares in Bhuti’s wild country.

A group of wild boaters in the state of Bighar, which includes Bhutan, have been seen on camera using “bhuis” as a symbol of protection and belonging.