Notary Office Maryland, a division of the Maryland Department of the Treasury, is one of the agencies that uses notarial services to process your credit reports.

In January, the agency announced that it would no longer use notarial service to process credit reports and will instead use credit reports from third parties.

A spokesperson for the agency said the decision was based on concerns over privacy, and the agency was making the decision as part of its ongoing transition to a more data-driven, open and accountable government.

“The agency’s transition to the digital age has resulted in the need to make a more accurate, comprehensive, and efficient record of your personal information,” the spokesperson wrote in an email.

Notary office Maryland is a division within the Department of Treasury, which has been involved in the digital transition for years.

The office handles notarial requests for financial aid, bankruptcy and medical benefits, disability insurance, and tax forms.

In 2018, the department received $7.8 million in notarial payments, according to a document obtained by Axios.

Notarial service for credit reporting agencies is not new, and some agencies, like the Department on Aging and the Office of Disability Services, have been using notaries for years to process applications for government benefits.

For example, the Office on Aging has been using a notary to process payments made to a disability-related group, according an official from the agency.