Bories, the chief of the Boise City Clerk’s Office, is the latest to use Notarial.

Bory, who has been working in the notary office for just over four years, told Boise Now that his goal is to “use this technology to empower people.”

Bory said he has already been able to provide legal assistance to clients in a variety of fields, including immigration and criminal justice.

The notary, who does not have a formal title, is allowed to answer questions that the public cannot answer, Bory said.

Bories’ office is one of several that have been using Notary Apps to provide a service similar to those provided by the Federal Trade Commission, the state attorney general’s office and other public agencies.

The state attorney’s office has also taken the lead in introducing the app in the city.

Bryans office is not the only Boise city government using Notarial, however.

In addition to the Boise County Clerk’s office, the Boise Board of Health also uses the app, and the Boise Police Department is also using it to help officers with their investigations.

In a statement, the State of Idaho said that Notarial apps have been used in Idaho since 2013, and that Boise’s app is the first to be released in the state.

The Boise Police Dept. said that it is working with the Department of Justice on a public safety notary app.

It added that the department has also partnered with the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service to create an app for law enforcement agencies.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives officials told ABC News that the bureau uses the apps for firearms and ammunition training and that it has had success training with them.

Boys will be boys, but the boys of the future will be notarized by a Notary.

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