The House on Thursday voted to strip some of the federal government’s ability to regulate GMO foods.

The bill would require states to have a law that prohibits or requires labeling on GMO foods, even if they’re labeled as “natural” or “organic.”

That could have a chilling effect on local farmers, which already face challenges from the federal food stamp program.

The measure passed 227-196, with five Republicans voting no.

The bill also would require the Food and Drug Administration to review new GMO products.

It would also bar the FDA from reviewing products containing any ingredients derived from GMO crops, including corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, wheat and other grain. 

The bill’s passage comes amid a renewed push by the White House to ease restrictions on GMOs.

President Donald Trump has said he supports the idea of allowing food companies to label GMOs, which are produced by growing the seeds with a genetically modified gene.