Boston Notaries are licensed and registered notaries who will be performing services for you in Boston.

Here are some things you need to know about getting your notary licensed in Boston: What is a Boston Notarial?

A Boston Notar is an individual who is qualified to perform the services of a notary in Massachusetts, but does not actually possess the necessary qualifications to do so.

A notary is not legally required to hold a Boston Certificate of Registration, or to have any formal training.

A Boston notary does not have to be licensed or registered to perform legal services in Massachusetts.

A person licensed in Massachusetts may not perform any legal services on behalf of another person without the consent of the person’s legal guardian.

A Massachusetts notary can not issue an order for the transportation of a motor vehicle.

A licensed notary must meet the qualifications listed below to do business in Massachusetts: Must be at least 21 years of age Must be a United States citizen or resident alien Must have at least 10 years of experience as a notarial or barber, barber or licensed professional notary, and be at most 16 years old Must be able to demonstrate that they have no financial interest in the service rendered in Massachusetts