The Notary Public Act of Arizona has passed and becomes law July 1, 2017.

As a notarial notary public, you must: Be at least 18 years old.

Be a United States citizen.

Be eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Notary publics can perform many duties, including: Receiving legal orders from a court of law, or a court’s order to do so.

Preserving and issuing copies of wills and other legal documents.

Signing documents in the presence of a notarized judge.

Serving as a notaries public in other states.

Notarial duties can be limited to: Obtaining an initial or renewal of an Arizona license.

Making sure a notario complies with state or federal laws, regulations, or court orders.

Notarizing a funeral, marriage, or other civil ceremony.

Prescribing a service.

Noting the existence of a probate, estate, or probate petition or the date on which it is to be filed.

Notifying the Secretary of State of an issue of probate.

Noticing any unusual or unusual condition in an estate, including the location of the will.

Presisting a divorce, separation, or annulment in Arizona.

Not taking or issuing the necessary forms to file a petition for a divorce or separation, except for a petition that has been dismissed or abandoned.

Notaries publics may perform other notarial duties in Arizona, including registering the names and addresses of prospective clients or prospective creditors.

You can learn more about the notarial laws and procedures at the Notary’s Office website.

The Arizona Department of Health and Human Services is also planning to expand the number of notary officers it hires.

The Department of Human Services, in partnership with the Arizona Department.

Health and Safety and the Arizona Secretary of Agriculture, announced this week that they will jointly hire up to 8 notary notaries for the first two months of fiscal year 2018.

In 2017, Arizona enacted a new law that increased the number and type of notaries, including adding notaries to the list of employees required to obtain an Arizona Driver’s License.

This new law will require notaries not to hold a driver’s license or have any kind of business with the state.

Not being able to drive requires not only not being able be an employee of the state but also not being an employee in the profession.

To be eligible to work as a NOTAR, you need to have a degree, a law degree, and at least three years of experience in the field of notarial services.

Applicants for a notaro are required to have: a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or related field.