The notary, or notary examiner, is a civilian agency that oversees the legal profession in the United States.

Its name is derived from a German word for notary public.

A notary is a person who can sign documents for the legal system.

This type of notary serves a public that needs a legal document to make a legal contract.

The office notary performs a variety of tasks, such as issuing contracts and collecting receipts.

The Office of Personnel Management says the Office of the Notary Office serves 1.5 million public-sector employees in the country, and its mission is to protect the interests of the public.

The notarial examiner is a law-enforcement officer who is sworn to uphold the law and serve the public, according to its website.

A federal law allows for notaries to perform notarial duties without a license.

It says that the law requires that notaries certify that they have received training, that they are certified by an accredited institution and that they can prove their competence and training.

A Notary Offices license expires in three years.

The government has no authority to change the license expiration.

The U.S. Office of Inspector General said it received more than 8,000 complaints about the office notaries from 2014 through 2018.

The department does not have a formal investigation of any complaints against the notaries.

The federal government has not reviewed the complaints and no findings have been made.

A spokesperson for the Office for Civil Rights, the watchdog agency, said in a statement that it has been aware of some of the complaints, but has not made a determination on whether to open an investigation.

The spokesperson said the office is reviewing the complaints.

The Department of Defense’s Office of Civil Rights said in an email that it is not aware of any investigation into the office.

In a statement, the Office is investigating the complaints that have been received by the OIG.

“We are also working to resolve the matter,” the spokesperson said.

In an email to ABC News, a spokesperson for OIG said that the office does not comment on ongoing investigations.

A spokesman for the Department of Justice’s Office for Inspector General told ABC News that he could not confirm or deny whether an investigation was underway.

ABC News has reached out to the Office notary for comment.

ABC’s Mark Mazzetti contributed to this report.