PHOENIX — Notarial Notaries office designs are designed to help ensure the notarial profession remains viable, and to protect against fraud, the state Notary Office of Pennsylvania announced Tuesday.

Notaries are registered and certified to perform the notary’s duties as an officer of the state.

The agency has also set up a database to help people find an office design that fits their needs.

Notary offices are designed in a way that provides privacy, security and privacy protections for the notaries and the public.

The design also ensures the integrity of notarial records, the Notary office said in a news release.

Notarial notary designs are created by the notarium, the design department.

Notaries do not use their notary name or personal identifying information for personal gain.

The notary office will not disclose any information to the public about designs, including names and addresses, without the notarists consent, the news release said.

The state’s Office of Notary Public and the Notaries Office of Public Affairs have collaborated to create design guidelines for notaries, the release said, noting the Notarial Standards of Conduct do not apply to designs.

The design of an office is determined by the Notarium of Pennsylvania.

The Office of notary public is in charge of notaries design, implementation and enforcement, the agency said.

Notarial design is designed to protect the privacy of notaristic records and to ensure that notaries are not using their notarial name or identifying information to facilitate a transaction.

The Notaries of the State of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Notaries Association are coordinating efforts to improve the security and security of notaris, the Office of the Notaristic Commissioner said.

Notaria can be found at

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