Notary commission in Cardiff will be open for the first time on Wednesday with a ‘day of action’ to encourage people to apply to join.

The city’s notary commissioner has announced the opening of the notary office at Cardiff Castle, with the Cardiff Castle Society organising a day of action from 10am to 2pm to encourage the public to apply for the job.

Notaries will be required to wear black and white attire with a white stripe across the chest.

The organisation is looking for a person who has notarised their first notary contract in the city.

Notary commissions are a job traditionally reserved for the wealthy and well-connected, and many applicants to be a notary have to pay fees and fees of their own.

Notarial fees range from £10 to £150, and can be waived for those who can prove their financial position and financial worth.

The notary is responsible for issuing and transferring the contract between the client and the client’s bank or financial institution.

Cardiff Castle said that notaries were already in demand in the UK, with notarial commissions accounting for the majority of new bank accounts opened each year.

Cardiff Metropolitan Bank has already issued over 1,300 contracts to notaries, with around 20% of those contracts still pending.

Cardiff City Council has also made the decision to open up notarial contracts to the public.

Notarisation was initially restricted to the wealthy, but now people of all incomes can join the profession.

Cardiff Council also announced a pilot project to introduce notarisation to its services.

A trial of the initiative will begin in the council’s new headquarters, Cardiff Central, on February 6, 2019, and run for six months.

Notario commissions are not legally required to register their addresses with the government, so they can be given a public address, but are not required to declare assets or financial information.

Cardiff has one of the highest levels of notary commissions in the country with over 700 registered notaries on the list of registered notary offices.

The City Council said that the notarial commission was not required by law to register and therefore there is no legal requirement to pay any fees.

Cardiff’s notaries are required to attend all public meetings and attend notarial workshops.

Notas are also required to sign the client agreement before the signing of a contract.

The council’s notarising policy is to ‘promote the notaries profession in all its aspects, both legal and non-legal’.

Cardiff’s Notaries Council said: ‘The notary services we offer are in line with the standards set by the British Association of Notaries and are open to all persons, regardless of their financial status or background, age or ability to pay.’

The notarial profession in Cardiff has come of age, and is an attractive opportunity for young people to gain a sense of belonging in the City, as well as to support themselves through the notaristic apprenticeship.’

Our notaries’ work will be an important part of the city’s heritage and the Cardiff Metropolitan area as well, and will contribute to the wider community.’

Cardiff Castle’s notarial services are open for notary appointments and services, including the ‘notary academy’, a learning experience that helps people to become good notaries.

Cardiff residents are invited to join the Notary Academy for up to five days at the Cardiff Central Hotel and will be able to attend a ‘notarial training’ which includes notarial skills training, notarial exam preparation and notarial qualification and certificate.

The Cardiff Castle notary and the public notary service will be available for hire throughout the day and the notario academy will be manned by notaries and their volunteers.

Cardiff city council has also launched a public consultation for the implementation of a notarial ‘free pass’ for those wishing to become a notarist, which would be an annual, tax-free, licence to practise.

Cardiff Central’s notariating service will not be subject to registration with the notarian commission, but will remain open for members of the public and members of Cardiff Metropolitan Council to join Cardiff Castle.

Cardiff is the capital of Wales, and the City of Cardiff is home to the Cardiff River, one of Europe’s busiest waterways.