The US Notary Public’s business models are “a fraud”, according to a federal judge in Washington state. 

Notary services have been around since the 1960s, and the American public has a “need for trust and confidence in the legitimacy of notaries” the judge wrote in his ruling on Tuesday. 

The ruling by US District Judge Thomas Schmitz, who is overseeing the case against the notary, comes after a series of lawsuits in which individuals sought to have their identities and personal information removed from the public notary service. 

According to Schmitzhtz, the US Notaries Association’s business strategy and operations “are inherently dishonest and fraudulent”.

“The US notaries’ business model, which seeks to gain the trust and goodwill of the public through the notarial profession, is a fraud, in violation of federal law,” Schmitcz wrote.

“Its business model violates the fundamental tenets of the American system of justice, namely the separation of powers and the separation between public and private interests.

The US is not a place for deceit or subterfuge.

The federal courts should impose the full and immediate remedy against the US notarial association.”

Notary service company notary firm, notary services,notary firm notary association,business,notarial,notarisation,public notary source Alias US Notarisation Law website Notarisation services are a way to obtain notarial services. 

If you do not have a notary’s signature, you can register with a service provider that has a signature to certify that you are not a lawyer. 

These services do not necessarily have to be a legal notary or a notarial company. 

In some cases, notaries have been accused of misleading the public about their notarial credentials. 

For example, in 2012, a man named David Rydell was accused of failing to disclose a fact that he claimed was important to the notarisation business, saying that he was an “independent notary” and that he had no affiliation with a notarising service.

The Notary Business Association was founded in 1974 in order to bring notaries to the public, but the association has been accused by former employees of engaging in unethical practices, including notarizing for clients and providing misleading information. 

A group of former notary agents sued the association, claiming that it did not take any steps to ensure that the public had access to the information it had provided. 

Following the lawsuit, the association changed its name to the National Notary Association and became the American Notary Service Association. 

Schmitz found that the association did not comply with several regulations, including that it was not allowed to engage in any kind of public relations.

“The association does not have to disclose the names of its notary members, or any information regarding its notaries or their fees,” Schmetz wrote. 

“The organization also has to inform its members that they are not bound by the law, nor are they entitled to a fee.” 

In 2015, the Notary Professional and Regulatory Association was established by the US government to promote notarised services and protect notaries against regulatory oversight. 

Despite the notaries association changing its name, the group still requires members to be registered with a law firm to verify their notary status.

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