“We’re not talking about the best of the best, but the ones who have the most influence over people,” said one former government official.

“The ones who can make a lot of money and do the most for their country.”

For example, “I think he’s the best on Twitter.

It’s all about him.

It seems to be his biggest weapon,” the former official said.

“His Twitter feed is his big weapon.”

“He has the ability to build a Twitter following of 15 million people,” the official said of the president.

The former official went on to say that Trump “is probably the most prolific tweeter in the world.”

In fact, Trump’s account has more than 4 million followers, and his tweets have more than a million likes, the former senior official said, all of which can be used for political purposes.

Trump has also been active on Twitter, having retweeted a slew of celebrities and politicians, including the heads of the United Nations and NATO.

In October, Trump also retweeted an account called @realDonaldTrump and a number of anti-Semitic accounts, including one which called the New York Times “the most pro-Jewish newspaper in the U.S.”

(Trump later deleted the retweet.)

The former senior government official said Trump has a “history of tweeting to incite violence,” but the former intelligence official also noted that Trump has been a “master manipulator.”

“Trump is a master manipulator, he is a narcissist, he’s a con man, and he’s really a serial liar,” the source said.