A real house is a luxury, with a lot of real money.

A fake house, though, is a lot more complicated, requiring a lot less money.

How to get one is the key to a better life.

Here are 10 steps to getting a fake house.1.

Find a home that you want2.

Choose the right type of house3.

Check on the property4.

Make the most of the property5.

Get a mortgage to pay off that mortgage6.

Be careful to be smart and keep the house in good repair7.

Make sure your children are not going to live there8.

Be prepared to pay more than the normal rent in the future9.

Keep track of your costs10.

Be a realist and do your homeworkIf you’re serious about getting a real house, here’s what you need to know.1.)

Choose a house you wantReal estate agents are selling their houses in record numbers.

The average asking price for a new house in England is now $7.5 million.

That’s up from $6.2 million in 2011.

But you can be sure that you won’t be buying a house that’s only worth $1 million.

A lot of homes sell for much more than that, which is why a lot are sold for a lot and sold for very little.

For example, an average $3.6 million home is only worth less than $2 million if you bought it for $1.5 billion in 2012.2.)

Choose the proper type of homeFor real estate agents, the type of real estate they sell is key.

If you want a luxury property, you should buy a mansion or a castle.

A big-box store might sell for a million dollars, but if you’re looking for a smaller house with an interior that’s easy to clean and a lot nicer, then you should be looking at a smaller home.

If it’s a single-family home, that’s a lot cheaper.3.)

Check on it firstThe property needs to be in good condition.

If the house is not, it’s too expensive and you’ll end up paying a lot.

Also, if you don’t have a mortgage, you can’t pay off the mortgage until the property is in good shape.

If your mortgage isn’t secured, then the property will likely not be sold in good enough condition to pay the money off.

If that happens, you could end up with the property in bad shape and end up getting a lot on it.4.)

Check out the property firstThere are a few ways to check on the house before you buy it.

For instance, if it’s in the process of being remodeled, you might want to see if there are any issues.

If so, you may want to check to see what’s going on with the remodeling.

If there are issues, then check the interior for damage, whether it’s broken or not.

Also check the exterior to make sure there’s no signs of damage.

If things look good, then your interest in the property may be renewed.5.)

Choose how you want the property to lookThe property should be a nice, neat, neat place, so it should look a lot better when you visit it.

If possible, you’ll want to have the property look like a living room.

If not, you need the house to look like something that’s going to attract people.

If someone can’t afford to live in your house, you want them to look out for your property, too.

If a guest or family member is living there, you also want them in the house as well.6.)

Keep a diary of your expensesIf you can afford it, it may be worth going to your local real estate agent to record all the expenses that you have to pay.

You’ll also want to make an accounting of the money you spend on the place.

You can do this by doing your taxes and the mortgage payments on the account, which will help you plan for future costs.7.)

Take care of the interiorThe interior is a major consideration.

It’s important to keep the interior clean and in good working order, which can make it easier for people to stay.

If people come and go and you can see that the property has been cleaned and in great shape, then it’s worth considering.

If this doesn’t happen, you have the option to have it refurbished or you can make a change to it yourself.

If all else fails, you will likely get a lot for your money, which you’ll have to use.8.)

Make sure it’s maintainedIt may seem like a lot, but it’s also a lot that can be left to chance.

If everything looks good, the property could be sold for much less.

If anything is wrong with the interior, then make sure it doesn’t fall apart.

The good news is that you’ll pay for it out of your pocket.9.)

Find a mortgageThe most common type of